Why does the Grid need a Monitor?

Electric Power is a regulated industry -- with governmental, quasi-governmental and industry participants --that affects every consumer in every market. The information flows are highly fragmented at every level from legislation to operations. Easier access to this information -- for the professionals and participants at every level -- in a comprehensive tool is our goal.

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Benefits For Key Participant Groups


Legal teams at every major investment bank, power marketer, utility, and at businesses that build or buy power generation need constant inflows of information at many levels. Current tools available to them are inefficient at best.

Power Industry

Awareness of the regulatory landscape is fundamental to the load serving entities operating on the grid. This tool can keep your team informed quickly and efficiently.


PUCT actions affect the power markets and your long term investment strategy, prospective projects, and daily positions. GridMonitor keeps you abreast of every relevant action in every docket affecting your position.

GridMonitor allows constant access to continuously updated information and filings, and a robust industry specific search capability. The user can follow any docket, with constant updates and reminders built in. GridMonitor also provides history and background to the actions being taken by the regulators, including video clips of those actions, where a deep dive into the policy making is desired by your team.

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Key Features of GridMonitor

Key features include a follow feature which allows you to focus on your issues. In addition, there is immediate access to the filings, agendas, videos and news that are targeted to your needs. And it can send you alerts and reminders as you find helpful.

Video Clips

Of individual agenda items from ERCOT and PUCT meetings, tied to our Smart Agenda.

Smart Agendas

Instant access to agenda item documents, news

Video Archives

From ERCOT and PUCT multi year video archives.

Additional Features of GridMonitor

  • Robust Search
  • Real-Time PUCT Filings
  • Follow Items and Get Alerts
  • Professionals need relevant news that brings them targeted information on a timely basis.
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